Best Car Paint Protection Film (PPF) Dubai

Best Car Paint Protection Film (PPF) Dubai

Paint Protection Film Dubai

MRG Auto Care is a professional Paint Protection Film (PPF) Dubai with a highly qualified and experienced staff for all types of cars and SUVs. PPF Dubai acts like armor for your car or SUV, providing an extra layer of protection against everyday driving, parking and environmental damage. Flexible paint protection solutions are available depending on your requirements.
Car paint protection Film Dubai is a transparent layer that cannot be seen on cloths and films specially made for cars and SUVs. Designed to maintain the finish it was originally manufactured from, PPF wraps around your car or SUV to provide 360 degrees of protection.

Brands Used


Motorsheild Pro





Avery Dennison


Global Films

Xpel Films

Product Used

Tech Wrap

TeckWrap Paint Protection Film (PPF) Dubai acts like armor, giving your vehicle extra protection and protection from everyday damage. The company pursues flexible solutions for every need and offers different types of his PPF made from different materials. Find and choose the best one for your application.


PPF290 is a high performance aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film that protects surfaces. Good mechanical properties, UV resistance, high transparency and high gloss protect vehicles from damage caused by flying stones and scratches. PPF290 was developed from ESTANE��� TPU manufactured by The Lubrizol Corporation. After 9 years of weathering testing, ESTANE��� TPU maintains its excellent appearance and physical quality. This optical and aliphatic film is guaranteed for durability and performance

TechWrap series

MotoShield Pro Paint Protection Film (PPF)

"MotoShield Pro Paint Protection Film or PPF in Dubai is formulated to provide a strong, durable protective coating against damage from rocks, road debris, scuffs, insects, bird droppings and other elements. Produces a high gloss finish Excellent at protecting your car's paint from unsightly paint Prevents damage, keeps it looking like new, and maximizes resale value. For car paint restoration you can connect with us.

Self-healing technology repairs scratches with heat from the Sun.

Will not yellow from UV exposure caused by the Sun. Maintains clarity and nearly invisible formulation over time.

No need to worry about spots or splotches caused by contaminants. Our PPF Will defend against acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap.

One of our thickest films yet measuring 8mils. Provides a strong and improved shield for impact protection and scratches.

Advanced PPF formulation created to easily stretch and mold to intricate lines and curves for an incredible effortless but professional result.

Save on installation time and labor with precut paint protection films cut to precision using our computer software programs and precision cutting plotters.

Most Common Questions

The full Paint Protection Film installation takes around 5-6 working days, this includes preparing the car, paint correction, PPF application installation, curing and inspection.

Any soap is fine to wash your car or SUV but we would recommend hand wash only.

We ask our customer to come back after 1 month for a check up after PPF application to check whether the curing has occurred or not. After this time, there is need for a yearly check up/maintenance etc in our MRG Auto Care studio.

Yes, most of our customer opt for this as it really helps give a hydrophobic effect for easier cleaning. There is also offer ceramic coating which will be applied on the interior, glass and rims.

The paint correction is needed even if its brand new car or SUV there will be some small scratches/swirl marks present on the paint. Our PPF application process will improve it and add a protective layer of self healing film to your new car. This also make your new car look new a lot longer, hence keeping the value of your car high, and an eventual resale price high as well.

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